Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Isle of Wight experience

The outcome of the December 12th General Election is one that fills me with fear. Boris Johnson is between 8 and 12 percentage points ahead and on course for a majority. The one probable silver lining is Greens get their second MP.

Leading the race for that honour is Vix Lowthian on the Isle of Wight.
The Green Party stall in Ryde

Earlier this month we combined a weekend away with some campaigning. Vix is benefiting from the Lib Dems standing down - as part of the Rebel (Remain) Alliance.

When we met she spoke of her frustration that the Labour candidate had not stood down either. Labour members need to think about 5 more years of Boris Johnson. They can't win in Isle of Wight but they can help the Greens.

The European Elections show that there is a strong independent mindset among islanders. Let's hope that IOW goes Green.

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