Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bensham Manor Community Association AGM

AGM outdoors

As trustee and secretary, I went along to the AGM for the Bensham Manor Community Association on Saturday. Whilst clouds had not busted we managed to run the AGM outdoors. The Queens Community Hall, our raison d'etre, is going really well. The empty shell was part of a section 106 agreement with the developer at the Queens Road estate. See its web site: http://queenscommunityhall.co.uk/

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thank you letter

Interesting choice of headline!

Dear Editor,
From Croydon Guardian 10.06.14
May I take this opportunity to thank all those who voted Green party on May 22nd.  Our 70 candidates polled 23,926 across the borough, resulting in an increase in our vote share.  Under a proportional representation electoral system this polling would have returned our first councillors, but under the aged first past the post system, Croydon remains a two party borough.
We should actually be grateful that we have at least two parties on the council.Residents in Barking &; Dagenham and Newham woke up on the 23rd May with no official opposition. Every councillor elected was Labour. This is terrible for democracy. For example, only opposition members can table a motion. This cannot be done now. Where will the scrutiny come from? Each side of the chamber backs the same party to win. I would even vote Conservative or Labour to avoid a similar outcome.
Similarly, Islington and Lewisham could have ended up a one-party council. Thankfully each elected one councillor other than Labour....a Green.
Yours sincerely
Shasha Khan
Croydon Green Party Coordinator 

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Sunday, June 08, 2014

Open meeting on Citizen's Income

Money for everyone: Citizen’s Income
Open meeting organised by Croydon Green Party
Speaker: Malcolm Torry, Director of the Citizen’s Income Trust

Monday July 7th 2014
7.45pm for 8pm
Ruskin House, Mandela Room
Coombe Road, Croydon

Come and find out about Citizen’s Income:
·        WHY it’s a radical ‘Big Idea’ whose time has come
·        WHY we must replace the complexity and misery of means testing
·        WHY a CI is unconditional, for every citizen
·        HOW it enhances opportunities and reduces inequality
·        HOW it’s affordable
All welcome – time for questions – bar opens 7pm
From East Croydon, buses 119, 312, 466, 197 - 3 stops to Coombe Road

Open meeting organised by the Croydon Green Party

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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

2014 election stats in Croydon

Council elections 2014
Overall votes cast (and vote share)
Lab 36,303 (36.0%)
Con 33,640 (33.4%)
UKIP 15,477 (15.4%)
Green 8,052 (8.0%)
LibDem 5,503 (5.5%)
Others 1,773 (1.7%)
European elections in Croydon 2014
Overall votes cast (and vote share)
Lab 32,439 (32.9%)
Con 26,687 (27.1%)
UKIP 19,560 (19.8%)
Green 6,829 (6.9%)
LibDem 3,768 (3.8%)

Council results - electoral ward 2014 (2010)
Addiscombe 8.4 (5.1)
Norbury 7.5 (7.0)
Ashburton 5.4 (6.7)
Purley 9.3 (6.3)
Bensham Manor 9.1 (12.8)
Sanderstead 7.8 (6.4)
Broad Green 7.4 (5.7)
Selhurst 7.9 (8.3)
Coulsdon East 7.8 (3.8)
Coulsdon West 7.8 (4.8)
Shirley 8.6 (6.7)
Croham 10.5 (6.5)
South Norwood 10.3 (7.5)
Fairfield 9.6 (6.0)
Thornton Heath 8.5 (11.2)
Fieldway 4.9 (2.8)
Upper Norwood 10.5 (8.2)
Heathfield 7.0 (6.2)
Waddon 5.4 (7.4)
Kenley 7.1 (6.5)
West Thornton 6.3 (6.8)
New Addington 4.0 (6.0)
Woodside 11.3 (6.2)

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