Thursday, March 02, 2017

Riot hit area looks like a riot hit area.

London Road, West Croydon

I was on a bus going passed the 2011 riot hit area of London Road, As I was sat on the upper deck I was able to see over the hoarding which surrounds the site. 

It has moved me to submit a question to the next full council meeting:

Nearly 6 years has passed since the 08/08 riots in 2011. The site near the junction of London Road and St James Road in West Croydon still remains derelict. Why is this, and why doesn't the council open up the area into a community garden like the Sensible Garden in South Norwood?

Over the years there has been much fanfare about money being invested in the area but nothing has really changed. All the focus is on Westfield rather than West Croydon. 

London Road, West Croydon (from Daily Mail)

It is important to compare then and now to recall the extraordinary events of 08/08 . See here (courtesy of the Daily Mail). I also took some photos the day after the riots and produced the montage below.

Standing up for what matters