Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Global Day of Action against Waste and Incineration

I cycled up the Lea Valley Navigation today to the Edmonton Incinerator in Enfield. Today is 8th Global Day of Action Against Waste Incineration . The route was pleasant from Hackney Downs, passing canel boats and wildlife. As I got nearer to the incinerator I actually failed to notice the smell coming from the incinerator. I suppose because I was cycling, I simply failed notice the stench. Also, presumably because it was gradual, the smell simply didn't register. However, as I stood outside the incinerator it became apparent very quickly that there was a smell. Before long I felt a taste on the back of my throat. If I had to describe it I would say it was mixture of turps and cheap paint. The lady who took the photograph above said that she could smell the emissions from the incinerator at her home in Chingford. This corresponds to a story I read online about cases of asthma being unusually high for a middle class ward situated downwind in Chingford. For the moment, I can't find the link for that story but there are other reports of local health being affected: Here and here. What I intend to do is ring London Eco Park (yes I know!) to ask what causes the smell.
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Felix said...


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