Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Conservatives put gross inaccuracy on leaflet to dirty Green Party name.

I have made a complaint to the Met Police about the line, "Labour and the Green Party are deliberately scaremongering by pretending there is a plan to have an incinerator in Croydon at Factory Lane." The Green Party have never stated on a leaflet, press release, letter or even blogpost that there would be an incinerator in Factory Lane. We've always maintained that the most plausible location for the incinerator is Beddington Lane in Sutton. Every communication which discusses location states this. In an act of desperation the Tories have come out with this line to discredit the Green Party and the new Stop The Incinerator campaign. The fact the Beddington is just over the border in Sutton and it will be the eastern wards in north Croydon that will be affected (they are immediately downwind) seems to be overlooked. Hence the Tories have yet to say, ".....there will not be an incinerator that will affect Croydon."

Incidentally, Labour have done all that this leaflet states.

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