Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tory mob peddle dodgy leaflets outside Stop The Incinerator campaign launch

Local Greenpeace and CND activist Jim Clugston is challenged as he enters Ruskin House

Cllr Mike Moghul seems to think those attending the meeting were born yesterday

A good turnout for the first meeting. People from a wide range of backgrounds.

The panel, Becky Slater, Neil Pitcairn, Jonathan Essex, Shasha Khan, Paul Pickering (Chair).

As Paul Pickering and I approached Ruskin House - half an hour before the meeting was scheduled to start - we saw a group of men and women in sharp suits outside the main entrance to Ruskin House. I immediately clocked Cllr Jason Perry, cabinet member for Planning and Conservation, and then realised it was a group of Conservative councillors distributing their latest desperate leaflet. Cllr Mike Moghul was first to collar me as I neared the entrance . He actually started prodding me in the chest as he lectured me. The only line they could repeat was that there would be no incinerator in Croydon. Are they incapable of understanding that an incinerator a few hundred yards across the border in Sutton makes no difference. It seems everyone who entered the meeting was accosted by the Tories.

Before the meeting started Peter Hickson the Green Party candidate for Sutton and Cheam went back outside and asked the Tory mob outside Ruskin House if they would like to attend. They declined.

The meeting was excellent. Lots of good discussion about what exactly the South London Waste Plan entails and what are its implications. Jonathan Essex (Sustainable Redhill) spoke about the alternatives, Neil Pitcairn (UKWIN) about the successful campaign in Capel and Becky Slater (FoE) about the dirty truths. I spoke about the South London Waste Plan thus far and also about the politics behind the issue.

There was a passionate presentation made from the floor from Mike Dunne, Chair of Beddington Village Residents Association. He pointed out that residents he represents will struggle to ever sell their houses. There were observations made on how it is the disadvantaged that will suffer; i.e., the wards directly downwind are wards with lower levels of household income.

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Anonymous said...

" Croydon Councillor Mike Mogul has been found guilty of breaching the councillor’s code of conduct by not declaring he was a director of a company.

The investigation by the Standards Board found that he had not breached the code on two other allegations.

The Labour group made three complaints about Coun Mogul’s behaviour in March."


This is a defector from Labour who is clearly being sent out to do the Tory's dirty work.

Anonymous said...

"No incinerator" from the Tories!What about Factory Lane hazardous waste transfer station and gas power station..right next to new developments on old gasworks site.Give us some air for goodness sake!

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