Friday, September 18, 2009

Local Greens proved right!

Link to online (Sutton Guardian) version

Back in February the Croydon Green Party modestly made public their concerns that the desired outcome of the South London Waste Plan was an incinerator, most plausibly in Beddington. Waddon residents were alerted to this eventuality in our By Election leaflet - something that the Labour party jumped on in disgraceful fashion. Privately members had calculated that Beddington was the most plausible site last year but it was difficult to make judgements public at such an early stage. As evidence mounted we did take the story to the media. We had even started a blog referring to Beddington. Well it seems from this latest article that Sutton council had their eye on Beddington too.

Regrettably, there's not much to cheer about with this prediction becoming a reality. The report even states that Sutton Council has the power to say 'no' and choose the Beddington Lane site.

Everyone concerned about these developments should come to Wednesday's meeting.
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