Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Amelie cycles from St Malo to Lourdes to raise money for the Stop The Incinerator campaign

I received a text from local party member Amelie Boleyn yesterday saying she had finally made it to Lourdes. Her epic 550 mile journey started almost 2 weeks ago.

Her last few texts read as follows:

  • "Saintes (fallen a little behind schedule as got a puncture yesterday but all good now)"
  • "Blaye. Majestic garone medieval town. Truly gratifying after a wonderful winding 52 mile landscaped tour of the vineyards and magnificent chateaus of the midi Atlantic. Awesome day"
  • "Bazas. (cycled 72 miles today)"
  • "Really struggling today. Weather painfully hot and many hills. Skin blistering. Only just made half way, thank heavens finally made it to a town. Cooling body and head down now and poss will carry on to Pau when cooler tho think suspension on bike is going as keeps on creaking. Still in Catalan. Lourdes tomorrow."
  • "Almost. Yesterday knocked stuffing out of me. Could only manage 25 miles sun and heat unforgiving and hills tortuous. Am deep in Basque region now and they are passionate about their 'sport' bullfighting. Had heated debate in French last night on the subject :-@ anyway, weather more sympathetic today and much cooler. Only 53 miles to Lourdes."
  • "Lourdes"
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