Monday, September 07, 2009

Five things I learnt/realised at conference

The Autumn conference was down in Hove this year. I went along on Friday.

Five things I learnt/realised at conference:

1) Three (yes 3!) Bengali speaking candidates went for Green Party Executive (GPEX) positions. My parents were well impressed!
2) Caroline Lucas pointed out that in the 'Just Transition' panel that "environmental problems always affect the poorest the hardest" . She referred to Bangladesh and Hurricane Katrina. It occurred to me that parallels with the this concept could be made with locations for incinerators in this country.
3) Assistant PCS Secretary Chris Baugh indicated that questionnaires sent out to candidates during elections showed just how much in tune the Green Party was with the PCS .
4) The four letter word beginning with 'F' kept coming up.
5) If we don't genuinely take action to stop climate change, we could go down in history as the first species that monitored its own extinction.

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Shasha Khan said...

I originally thought it was four Bengali speaking candidates. No doubt I had accidentally counted Shahrar Ali :-)

Derek Wall said...

Jonathan Essex speaks Bengali I think, any way good conference, good report from you and keep up all your good work including the anti-incinerator battle.

Question: who speaks Bengali and Basque on GPEX?

Shasha Khan said...

You're right Mr Essex must be able converse in the 'mother tongue', too. Also, with Shami Chakabarti also attending conference, history should remember this as the Bangla conference :-)

Farid Bakht is the answer! What a combo....Bangla-Basque

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