Sunday, September 13, 2009

Comment invited re introduction of 'energy saving monitors'

Green Cllr Ute Michel with a smart meter/energy saving monitor

What difference does turning your TV off standby make?
Why should you only boil the water you need when using the kettle?

Taken from Croydon Council press release:

A trip to a Croydon library could help you cut household energy bills and save money. The Energy Saving Trust advice centre for London has partnered with Croydon’s library service to loan library users energy monitors to see how much they can cut their electricity bills and save money.

On top of the fantastic range of books, CDs and DVDs, library users will be able to borrow special devices – wireless energy monitors - which monitor how much electricity is being used in the home and how much it is costing.

Residents borrowing the monitors will instantly be able to find out which electrical appliances are costing them the most money to run.

I rang up Lewisham Greens and asked if these were the same as their smart meters. They are! In turns out that Cllr Sue Luxton originally thought of the idea and now it's being rolled out in Croydon!

Comment sent to papers:

“I am delighted to hear that this scheme is starting in Croydon’s libraries. This was originally the brainchild of the Green Party councillors in Lewisham, who were the first to trail-blaze this idea in London by making these meters available in every library in Lewisham.

“My colleagues in Lewisham have been raving about the benefits of this scheme for some time. It helps users cut their energy bills and their CO2 emissions by showing which appliances are the expensive energy-guzzlers. The device is very simple and clips on to wires from the electricity meter. You then take the separate portable monitor around your house to witness the changes in electricity consumption.

“These monitors are still too expensive for many households to buy, so it’s an exciting idea that using libraries in this way will make that technology available to all.”

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Shasha! Ute generously insists that I did come up with this idea, but it's most definitely been her work with officers and leading on our budget negotiations that have seen the idea come to fruition. Hope it works well in Croydon too.

Shasha Khan said...

I've had a word with the other members of the Sue Luxton Appreciation Society and we feel that you are underplaying your involvement. In fact, your modesty has resulted in a flood of subscription renewals!

calvin said...

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