Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Chris Sciberras' letter in the local paper

"The tram works at East Croydon Station have presented Croydon Council with an opportunity to improve the vehicle exit from the station. The road exit via the NLA Tower is normally shared by buses, taxis and cars, resulting in traffic jams in the weekday evening rush hour and friday evenings when there are more pickups from the station. At these times it takes buses as long as ten minutes to leave the bus station.

The Croydon Green Party proposal is that buses and taxis use the NLA exit, and cars dropping off or picking up passengers turn round and exit via the entrance to the station as they are currently doing during the tram works. This would result in much improved bus journey times whilst still allowing taxis and cars to exit the station quickly. We ask Croydon Council to prioritise sorting out the traffic mess at East Croydon Station."

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