Thursday, September 17, 2009

Running total on academisation in Croydon approaches £3m

If you add up the DCSF and Croydon Council's costs - total spend approaches a mind-boggling £3m. Its all about privatisation at whatever cost.

Coincidentally, just recently we hear that the government has now waived the £2m entry fee for new sponsors. This is an astonishing 'u' turn. The rules governing these schools are changing almost annually. Originally, academies were called 'city academies' because they were supposed to be solely for inner city areas. This changed allowing every school to become a target geographically. We were also told that every new academy would have brand new buildings but this is not happening either. Finally, we hear today that these private sponsors don't have to pump any of their own money in to take on a school. We've already heard that self interested private sponsors blur the boundaries of science and creationism in these academies. What next? Flat earthers? Cult leaders?"

When academies were first rolled out, the Labour government were accused of offering peerages to attract sponsors. I guess that's not necessary now as the inducement is in the deal itself: Take control of state school for free - the tax payer will pay the cost of transition. Don't worry if further expenditure is required on the school, the tax payer will take care of that too

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