Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wisdom from the young...

Croydon Youth parliament have issued a statement on the recent unrest

Although there is no justification for the actions of the rioters in Croydon on the 8th of August, there must be an underlying issue behind this. It wasn't a coincidence that that these riots took place in deprived areas.

We acknowledge we are very fortunate to be living in this country, being taken care of, however somewhere something has gone wrong and a small minority of young people do not see a future for themselves and do not care about their communities. We do not condone looting, rioting, arson or violence and stress that this is no way to get a message across.

The suffering of local business and home owners will do nothing to achieve an aim. The actions of this very small minority only puts us back a step in trying to stop the discrimination against young people.

We feel there is a reason behind these riots and as a society we must recognise this and take responsibility for young people, to prevent this from happening again and restore hope in the future.

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