Monday, August 08, 2011

Labour finally offer an explanation

Online version of this story here. Press release here.

The Croydon Advertiser managed to pull out an explanation, of sorts, from the local Labour leader on why Labour councillors failed to show up to a PUBLIC hearing regarding the South London Waste Plan (SLWP). I stress the word PUBLIC because it was a PUBLIC hearing.

Having earlier been silent on Twitter....

Croydon Greens @CroydonLabour Who represented you at last weeks hearing in last week?

.....Councillor Tony Newman responded by saying, "he hadn't received an invitation." Sigh.

The point is Councillor Newman, IT'S A PUBLIC HEARING; you don't need an invitation! There were two Merton opposition councillors who covered nearly all the sessions between them. They were certainly not invited. Members of the Green Party (remember we are not elected or paid to represent residents and constituents unlike Labour) attended, and some would argue managed to eek out an additional consultation stage simply by demonstrating and asking questions during recess periods.*

One of the administrators at the PUBLIC Hearing said to me, "Councillors [lead group or opposition] ought to attend because they will never learn how the Plan will affect them".

There are plenty of examples in Croydon of Labour taking their voters for granted. This must enter as an all time highest new entry.

*The SLWP Project Manager has sent out a communication saying:

1. At the public hearings into the South London Waste Plan in July, the boroughs proposed a number of changes to the document and, while it is not a statutory duty to consult on these changes, the boroughs consider, in the interests of fairness, residents and interested parties should have the opportunity to comment on the proposed changes.

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