Monday, August 01, 2011

UK Uncut comes to Croydon

Hats off to Nadine Houghton and Chris Whitrow from Stop Cuts in Croydon for organising the protest on Saturday. There was certainly a lot of tension in the air, emanating almost entirely from the huge number of police officers on hand to deal with any possible trouble. The protest was entirely peaceful and hugely enjoyable. Demonstrators were donned in NHS scrubs etc. I even knocked up a risqué placard. The email I received indicated the tone of the event:


1) Arm yourself with placards, banners, leaflets, megaphones, or just your own voice.

2) Bring a small book, in case we decide to remind a tax-dodger how many libraries his unpaid taxes could keep open.

3) You may also want to wear scrubs or a doctor's coat, in case we want to remind a banker how many nurses his unearned bonus would pay for.

4) If you are under 18 or have children, bring games, a musical instrument or something to express yourself with, in case we decide to open up a Youth Centre in place of a bank.

Nadine and Chris got some excellent coverage in the paper on the issues surrounding the protest, and we managed to distribute thousands of postcard sized flyers to curious shoppers.

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Anonymous said...

Woof! Woof!

I'm a Green Party supporter and I'm barking mad.

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Here are my policies...

- The Queen to be put into a council house.

- The armed forces to be replaced with Dad's Army.

- No controls on immigration.

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Looks like the swivel eyed loons left UKIP and joined The Greens.

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