Monday, August 15, 2011

Reeves Furniture shop

Its been a week since our eyes were glued to the 24 hours news channels, watching the London riot unfold before our eyes. And then suddenly the eyes of the world were on Croydon. The sight of the Reeves Furniture store blazing in the night sky was probably the most unbelievable for me. One part of their store has now been demolished (picture above). Today I heard that the Reeves family plan to rebulid the store. Good for them! In a town with identikit chain stores in abundance, Reeves was iconic. There's now even a web site organising financial assistance. We can only guess what Reeves and other businesses in a similar situation are going through. Trying to navigate an independent business through tough economic times is stressful enough. Having to then deal with your business - your livelyhood - burnt to the ground is simply unimaginable.

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