Thursday, August 04, 2011

South London to mirror North London

Just a couple of weeks ago, Haringey Lib Dem (opposition) councillor, Juliet Solomon, proposed the following *Motion at Council meeting. I don't have to possess the powers of Nostradamus to predict that in around 18 months time a similar motion will be proposed by the Tory opposition in Sutton that exposes the Lib Dem council's failures. Similarly, the Labour opposition in Croydon may even be looking forward to proposing such a motion in our own council, because for them, it might be the ticket to win back control of Croydons' Tory controlled council, especially as the crucial ward of Waddon will be downwind and adjacent to the most plausible site.

The above scenario may explain why not a single Labour councillor in Croydon attended the Public Hearing for the South London Waste Plan. I should add no Tory councillor attended either. This disgraceful situation has prompted a press release.

This Council is opposed:
  • To the use of the Pinkham Way site as an industrial scale waste plant, and
  • To the proposed relocation of Barnet Council’s waste lorry depot (which provides no advantages to Haringey’s residents)
This Council notes:
  • That there needs to be a long-term solution to the waste problem
  • The motion passed by the Muswell Hill, Fortis Green, Alexandra and Highgate Area Committee on 16th June 2011 against the proposals at Pinkham Way which said “That this Area Committee opposes the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) plans for a waste facility at Pinkham Way, and calls on the NLWA to drop the plans.”
  • Lynne Featherstone MP and local residents’ and residents’ groups campaigns against the plans for Pinkham Way

This Council deplores:
  • The secrecy with which the plan, proposal and change in land-use designations has been developed over the last two years
  • The lack of communication with residents and members by Haringey Council’s Labour representatives on the North London Waste Authority (NLWA)
  • Labour’s change of the land designation in November 2010, without wide consultation of local residents, which facilitated the progress of the Pinkham Way plans
  • The failure of Labour members on the NLWA to object to the Pinkham Way plans and represent the interests of our community
This Council is alarmed:
  • At the scale of the proposed development at Pinkham Way and likely impact on local residents and schools
This Council resolves:
  • That the Leader of the Council should write to the Chief Executive of the NLWA to express councillors’ concerns over the consultation and the lack of information provided to residents and to request the application be withdrawn
  • To ask current and past Haringey Council members of the NLWA to detail their role in the decision-making process on the Pinkham Way development
  • To reaffirm the ecological designation of Pinkham Way and provide the maximum protection
  • That contrary to the process involved with the waste plan and this proposal that the interests of residents become central to decision-making”.

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