Tuesday, August 23, 2011

News regarding Staples

Staples on Whitehorse Road, Croydon

Just round the corner from me is a Staples superstore - very handy for those last minute leaflets that need to be printed or photocopied. Speaking to staff outside the entrance the other day, one advised me the store is closed and won't re-open until mid to late September.

As we now are beginning to understand, upon seeing police lines positioned at the entrance to the pedestrianised zone, the opportunists, arsonists and muggers headed north up London Road towards the independent and ethnic stores WHICH WERE LEFT TO FEND FOR THEMSELVES. Some deviated towards the superstores on Whitehorse Road. Apparently, [unconfirmed] separate gangs arrived at the store to loot and set fire to it. Bizarrely, some stock has been recovered in the nearby Halfords and Tesco Express - also raided. The Croydon Advertiser lists individuals ( including their age and their home address) that have been charged with offences relating to Staples. One can see that a couple of those charged literally live a stone throw away from the store.

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