Thursday, January 29, 2009

Waddon candidate Mary Davey's answers in full.

The current issue of the Croydon Guardian has a Q & A with the Waddon by election candidates. Due to limited space, the answers were edited down which probably didn't give justice to the quality of Mary's answers. However, for the discerning, below are the full answers.

1. What three words best described you?

2. If you could change only one thing in Waddon, what would it be?

3. Why did you go into politics

  1. Ethical.....thorough......decisive.

  2. I would like every household in Waddon to be properly insulated at no cost to themselves. This was achieved by the Green Party Councillors in Huddersfield who gained funding from Energy Utilities as part of their obligation to reduce Greenhouse emissions. On average, householders each saved £150 per annum.

  3. When younger, I joined the Labour Party in Chingford to give my support to those who, then, shared my values. I refused to renew my subscription after they voted in Tony Blair as the leader. I told them that his manifesto read like a ‘straight from the heart’ Tory. After watching the Green Party closely, I decided that this was the one dealing with today’s urgent issues and needs and that they were addressing them through consideration of all social - environmental, educational, commercial, cultural and leisure - needs. So, here I am.
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