Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Greens select local candidate for Waddon by-election

Croydon Green Party has selected Warham Road resident Mary Davey as their candidate for the Waddon by-election on February 12th, 2009. Mary has lived in the ward for 16 years.

Mary said

"The present council is inherently undemocratic. With only Conservative and Labour represented, there are many examples where both these parties agree in principle with the others position resulting in no viable opposition.

“The Greens finished third in the last election in 2006 (1) and we represent the real choice for change.

“Waddon residents need a councillor that will prioritise community safety, support local shops and businesses and reduce residents rising fuel bills. They also want a councillor that belongs to a party that opposes the sale of our schools under the guise of academies; favours the renationalisation of our railways to stop inflation-busting fare increases; and wants to keep the NHS public.

"As energy bills rise, the Green Party's pioneering free insulation scheme (2) can make sure that all Croydon residents will be able to afford to heat their homes for less, and I will be pushing for a free home insulation policy.

"I will also be supporting local shops and businesses that boost the local economy and provides more jobs in the area, pushing for improved recycling on estates and blocks of flats and campaigning for a living wage (3) of £7.45 an hour for all Croydon workers. “

Mary currently works as a teacher in Croydon. She has been teaching in Croydon for 18 years. She is an active member of Amnesty International and Chair of the ‘Society of Catholic Artists’. Unlike Labour and Conservative, the Green Party has selected a resident who lives in Waddon ward.


Notes to editor

(1)Mary Davey was the Green party candidate for Waddon in 2006

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