Friday, February 06, 2009

Oasis Trust issues profits warning

Related to news that Oasis are finding it difficult to achieve the 'A- C' GCSE grades they expected.

Comment below:

This statement by Oasis Trust has the feel of a profits warning issued by a blue chip company. And to carry on with this analogy, investors should be wary before lumping on Oasis.

The jury is still out on Oasis. Rev Steve Chalke opened three schools in 2007, followed by six in 2008; so how can a local authority be confident that Oasis will deliver at Ashburton without a track record to view? In actual fact many academies are now found to be failing.

Croydon council need to accept that academies are not the answer for struggling schools. It’s obvious that a school with a high intake of pupils with English as a second language will find it difficult to meet performance indicators in English and Maths.

What worries me is that Oasis and other private sponsors are under pressure to deliver results to such an extent that they will use covert selection procedures and exclusions to bump up the results. Sadly, without a democratic board of governors or local authority control, there is nothing to stop them.
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Anonymous said...

Rev Steve Chalke is bound to an Iron Age view of the world. He cannot possibly provide the right environment for children to learn about the world of science and technology.

Children should be brought up to question the world not believe ignorant Iron Age texts like the bible.

Anonymous said...

agree with the above

Jeffrey Seaview-Twitter. said...

Children should be taught to drill for oil, as it is likely to be in short supply in the future and they need to keep warm.

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