Monday, January 12, 2009

In trouble with school teachers again!

I met up with fellow Croydon SOS activists outside Haling Manor this afternoon. Armed with leaflets, Anti Academies newspapers and my trusty pasting table, we positioned ourselves on Kendra Hall Road in the cold wind and rain. Parents and students were showing interest until Deputy Head Peter Weir passed through. He was on his way to Pampisford Road for bus stop duty. Needless to say he wasn't best pleased to see us and even suggested that in the interests of the students we shouldn't give out leaflets. His argument was that children go home with the literature thinking it has come from the school itself and end up confused. Anyhow, after a discussion he seemed to imply that we could arrange to speak to the student council about our concerns.

It is becoming clear to me that there has been sort of dictum issued to schools in Croydon. It essentially warns teachers and administrators that activists may try and leaflet outside your school, so be sure to move them on.
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