Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Press Release: South Norwood trees

Press release: Trees in South Norwood are being ‘stumped’

Croydon Green Party contacted the council several months (almost one year) ago to find out why trees were being cut in Archer and Lonsdale Roads, leaving stumps. A resident on Archer Road had notified the local party of this extreme action. Croydon Green party were informed by the council that the tree in Lonsdale Road was cut to a metre high stump because fruit falling from the crab apple tree was causing a hazard as the pavement surface was becoming slippery. The tree on Archer Road was cut to a metre stump level because of subsidence claims.

Shasha Khan pointed out, “I was told by the council that these trees would be replaced but the resident has told us that this has not been the case. Furthermore, I was under the impression that trees needed to be removed completely to satisfy subsidence claims. I think a full explanation should be given to the local residents.”

He continued, “Urban trees have a range of benefits, including promoting habitat for wildlife, improving the street aesthetically and combating the effects of global warming. Yet, they are disappearing due to insurance claims, the majority of which are probably unjustified. We should be exploring funding and sponsorship from private developers through planning agreements and even consider root pruning where appropriate.

Leaving these trees as stumps has created a different type of hazard, especially for those residents parking their cars after dark.”


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