Thursday, May 17, 2007

Croydon Greens join residents campaign

Norbury residents invited Shasha Khan to join them to
protest against plans to erect storage containers on the
green triangular space where Semley and Hatch roads
meet (opposite the church).

The containers will store bathroom suites for 12 months whilst
urgent work is carried out to former LCC housing nearby.

The residents have not been properly consulted and have
raised several objections:

1) The area is known to be hallowed land that was used as a
burial site for victims of the bubonic plague.

2) The storage containers will be subject to vandalism.

3) There are no guarantees that the land would be
returned by the workman to its present condition.

4) The green space is used by the church for events.

The residents all agreed that the work needed to be carried out
BUT an alternative storage location must be sought.

Link to story in Croydon Guardian

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