Sunday, May 06, 2007

Historic Green wins in Brighton and Hove Council

The Green Party is celebrating a doubling of its councillors on Brighton and Hove City Council today, Friday 4th May.

With twelve city councillors, it makes it the largest single unitary Green councillor group in the country. The party won more than 20% of the vote across the city at the election.

It gained two seats in central Brighton’s Regency Ward and another in Hanover & Elm Grove Ward, with 22 year old Vicky Wakefield-Jarrett taking a seat from veteran Labour councillor Joyce Edmond-Smith.

The Greens also took three council seats in Queens Park Ward from Labour, doubling the total number of Greens to twelve out of 54, only one less than Labour's 13.

Green councillor Keith Taylor thanked the voters for what he called a historic result which he said proved that voters in the city were ready to trust the Greens to develop a greener, fairer vision for the city in the long term.

Greens also have the largest number of council seats of any party in Brighton Pavilion parliamentary constituency, a top target for the party at the next general election. They now hold nine seats in the constituency to the Tories' six and Labour's five.

The council remains in no overall control.

Full party results:

Conservative 26 (+6)
Labour 13 (-10)
Green 12 (+6)
LibDem 2 (-1)
Independent 1 (-1)

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