Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Press release National Veggie week


To mark the 15th annual National Vegetarian Week, the Vegetarian Society is asking politicians to match environmental taxes and carbon trading policies with a personal commitment to a greener way of life, by going vegetarian. Vegetarians’ meat and fish-free lifestyle reduces their impact on the environment. Almost a fifth of climate-changing greenhouse gases come from livestock production. Animals reared for meat are a major source of water pollution and the majority of deforestation is carried out to clear land for livestock pasture and the growing of their feed crops. (1)

Local Green Party spokesperson, Shasha Khan, said: "To meet the challenge I am going to go fully vegetarian for a week. I am technically a pesco-vegetarian as I occasionally eat fish. I am afraid my mum’s fish curry beats me every time! "

I think everyone would benefit in a super sized world from cutting back and I am hoping other politicians take up the Vegetarian Societies challenge of giving up meat for a week. The range of tasty alternatives to meat is ever growing, so its easy to make the switch. ”

Local Green Party spokesperson Bernice Golberg said: "I am fully vegetarian every week! It’s great that that so many are joining the growing numbers of vegetarians.”


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