Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Press release: Election Round Up

Press release: Greens make dramatic council gains

Whilst Croydon was election free this year, town halls around England were a hive of activity for the council elections in the first week of May. The Green Party now has 111 councillors - an increase of almost 20 per cent. Local party spokesperson, Shasha Khan said,

“Whilst other parties continue to squabble about who polled how much and how well, relatively speaking, they have done; the Greens, without question, continue to grow in England. Significant gains were made in Brighton, which doubled its number of Green councillors to twelve, plus Norwich and Lancaster. The evidence is clear: wherever Greens get elected, the electorate like what they see and want more!”

Even though London was election free this year, local members took the train to Redhill to assist Green activist, Jonathan Essex, in his campaign to get elected on to Reigate and Banstead council. Shasha Khan continued,

“We are all thrilled for Jonathan because he polled 22% per cent of the vote and finished second in Redhill East. It just goes to show that even under the archaic first past the post system, the electorate is not dissuaded from voting for what they believe in – that is genuine ethical and sustainable policies.”


Link to Green Party election round up
Link to Reigate and Banstead election results

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