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TUC March - A future that works - October 20th

With Croydon North in mind, a sly look as we pass the House of Commons.
Jay, Gordon and me at Temple

Walking past 10 Downing St

The Green Party is set to take its place in a march to call for a better future for everyone – with two of its highest-profile members leading from the front.

Sutton & Croydon Green Party will be joining Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett and Brighton Pavilion MP Caroline Lucas on London’s streets on Saturday, joining thousands of others to demand A Future That Works.

Sutton & Croydon Green Party spokesperson Shasha Khan said: “The Government’s policies of cuts and privatisation are damaging the economy and hurting the most vulnerable in society. We need to build a more sustainable economy, create jobs and protect public services like the NHS and schools.“

The march has been organised by the Trades Union Congress, in protest against the Coalition government’s economic policies and to call for a new focus on investment to spark economic recovery.

The TUC, in common with the Green Party, opposes the government’s relentless cuts, which are reducing the state, slashing services, removing assistance from society’s most vulnerable and leaving a generation of talented young people unable to find work.

The policies are also failing to deliver the single achievement to which the government claims it is dedicated – cutting the UK’s economic deficit.
In fact, instead of reducing the deficit by 4.6 per cent as the government promised, nearly two and a half years of ‘austerity’ measures forced it to grow by 22 per cent between April and August.

Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett said: ‘We’re marching with hundreds of thousands of others to give the government the message that we have to invest in the future. The government can’t continue with its economically illiterate cuts. We must invest in decent homes, renewable energy, public services, public transport and the infrastructure we need to bring manufacturing back to Britain. We must restore food production systems within this country. All of these things are urgent, and need investment and planning to deliver.
This investment must be used to assist young people in finding fulfilling and worthwhile work. 

The Princes Trust has revealed that the number of young people in the UK out of work for more than two years has increased by 168 per cent since February 2008.
‘Our young people are doing all the right things to secure a job and future, but we’re not doing right by them.’

The march leaves Victoria Embankment at 11am, and will end with a rally at Hyde Park.

Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chilli Peppers

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