Thursday, October 25, 2012

Green Knight selected

Yesterday, the Returning Officer of our local party called the result of the vote to be selected as Green Party candidate in the forthcoming Croydon North by-election: I won!! Thank you to everyone who voted for me.

I've decided to publish my 300 word statement that accompanied the ballot papers:

A knowledgeable voter in Croydon North would be cynical of Members of Parliament and the governments they form. He or she would be keen on seeking out an alternative, especially as the convergence of the established Westminster parties and the death of ideological politics reduces the real value of their vote to practically nil. What further reduces the value of their vote is the fact that Croydon North is the safest Labour seat in London.

Hansard Society published the results of its annual audit of political engagement and declared that “indifference has hardened into something more significant, and disturbing.” Apathy is omnipresent.

Earlier this year a poll conducted by YouGov showed 62 per cent of the 5000 adults they surveyed felt that, “politicians tell lies all the time – you can’t believe a word they say.”

Step forward Croydon’s Green Knight! With such a backdrop, surely its time make use of the moniker I was nicknamed for my continued fight to improve the quality of life for the people in Croydon North, where I have lived for over 30 years.

My work in the area includes founding Friends of Thornton Heath Recreation Ground, working with local mums and dad’s to stop a mobile phone mast being erected outside a nursery in Selhurst, and campaigning to stop over-development in Upper Norwood.

Additionally, I am founder and Secretary of the Stop The Incinerator campaign and Trustee/Secretary of the Bensham Manor Communal Hall.

I have stood as the Green Party parliamentary candidate for Croydon North on two previous occasions.

Given the unique circumstances that surround  by-elections: the protest vote, the low turnout, the proximity of the next General Election, not forgetting the disillusioned 14 per cent who voted Lib Dem in 2010, I feel we can poll considerably more than creditable number....we could even win.

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