Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Press release: Veolia Binned


Press Release immediate


Croydon Greens welcome the South London Waste Partnership’s (SLWP) decision to eliminate Veolia from the procurement process, leaving just two companies (1) to advance into the final round of a controversial waste facility most likely to be on the borders of Croydon. (2)
Campaigners are angry because Veolia, a large French multinational, is involved in the building and operation of a new tramway linking illegal settlements in East Jerusalem with Israel. The tramway tightens Israel’s hold on occupied East Jerusalem, ties the settlements more firmly into Israel and undermines chances of a just peace for the Palestinian people.

Commenting on the decision, Tracey Hague of the Croydon Green Party said, “We in the Green Party are pleased that Veolia have been dropped as a potential provider of waste services, whatever the reason behind this decision, as they have been closely linked with the illegal settlements in Palestine. Many Croydon residents (as well as those from the other three boroughs) have written to their local councillors requesting their support for the Bin Veolia campaign and they will be pleased at this outcome.”

Unusually, this has been a campaign within a campaign. Croydon Green Party is also heavily involved in the Stop the Incinerator (3) campaign, which seeks to prevent the construction of waste incinerator, the desired outcome of SLWP’s public consultation.

The success means that the local campaign group joins human rights activists in Wales, Ireland, Scotland, France, Iran and Australia who have successfully secured the divestment of Veolia from public sector contracts and pension funds.


(1) FROM SLWP’s own web site: Viridor and WRG have been invited to advance into the final round of ‘competitive dialogue’ meetings with the Partnership’s procurement team. This final stage will allow the two remaining bidders to put the finishing touches to their proposals before they submit Final Tenders in the summer.

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