Monday, April 04, 2011

March for the Alternative letter (unpublished).


Dear Editor,

On March 26th many thousands of Croydon residents will attend the TUC rally, dubbed the March for the Alternative in London. Those attending will feel in their hearts and heads that it is unfair that tuition fees are increasing, saddling those who do not have the vote presently with greater debt, whilst failing to tackle bankers’ bonuses. Equally, the marchers realise it is simply wrong that VAT is the fiscal instrument of choice to increase revenue from taxation whilst HMRC’s own figures show that £40 billion is lost through avoidance and evasion every year. And finally, the protesters know it is counter intuitive to cut 500,000 jobs to grow the economy away from recession.

The sense of injustice that will compel so many to take to the streets is similar to the emotion marchers felt on February 15th 2003. On that day, over one million demonstrated against the war in Iraq.

There is one notable difference: when in 2003 there were just isolated voices within the grey parties highlighting that injustice, there is now thankfully a party in the House of Commons that in principle believes in war as a last resort and advocates fairer economic alternatives – and that is the Green Party.

Yours sincerely

Shasha Khan

Croydon Green Party Coordinator

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