Monday, April 25, 2011

More AV discussion

I keep hearing from David Cameron that AV is complicated. This is just one of several deceitful arguments that the 'No' campaign have been pushing. Once explained it is quite simply as easy as 1,2,3. That said, explaining AV to someone who has poor English is fairly challenging, at least that was my experience in Thornton Heath recently. With some useful aids, such as a Pizza topping comparison used by Lewes 'Yes' to Fairer Votes, we managed to get there at the end.

I read in The Times a clever analogy using 'X' Factor and Britain's Got Talent written by Dr. Alan Renwick. Green Party Councillor Rupert Read has blogged on this. It's certainly an explanation I plan to keep up my sleeve.

Further straight forward explanations and deceitful arguments will be espoused on 27th April in Croydon when Purley Baptist Church hosts a debate on AV. MPs Tom Brake and Malcolm Wicks will slug it out with Richard Ottaway and Gavin Barwell . Starts 8pm.

Stall outside Tesco's in Thornton Heath.
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Anonymous said...

However, to use your X Factor analogy, I have to vote for some things that I might detest. It's unlikely that one of the 'acts' appeals to me even slightly, so the chances of me wishing to register support for two is inconceivable. And why should I rank acts that I find detestable anyway?

Besides, I can't stand the X Factor. All the acts are just populist shite, even those who pretend to 'write their own stuff'. And therein lies your problem...

Shasha Khan said...

Would you like to see a 'None of the Above' option on the ballet paper?

Anonymous said...


I express my 'none of the above' by not voting. Which is also my right. Not because I don't 'believe in it' but because I do not usually wish to see any of the candidates elected.

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