Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cross party support in Croydon for 'YES' to fairer votes.

Croydon Greens joined politicians and activists from the Lib Dems, Labour, The Electoral Reform Society and even the Monster Raving Loony Party at the offical launch of the Croydon 'Yes' campaign on Tuesday14th April. Peter Staveley from UKIP was hoping to come along but work commitments meant he wasn't able to attend. So the only party that wasn't represented were the Conservatives - they are all in the 'No' camp. However, former Conservative MP, then Independent candidate, now Labour activist, Andrew Pelling, was in attendance. Credit due to Wicks, Pelling and Councillor Mark Watson (who arrived after the above picture was taken) for standing up for fairer politics in Croydon.

The above picture was also taken at the official launch. The last time Gerry Jerome (Liberal Democrat), Malcolm Wicks MP (Labour) and myself stood beside each other was on stage in the main hall at Trinty school for the results of the Croydon North constituency in last years General Election. In fact Malcolm joked in his own inimitable style, "Hang on where's Jason Haddon?". Mr Haddon was the Tory candidate who managed to enrage the Labour activists to such an extent, due to his questionable campaigning methods, that he had to cut short his speech - on said stage - due to the booing and jeering.
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