Sunday, October 01, 2006

Signatures collected for campaign

Jim Duffy from Carshalton joined Croydon Greens yesterday in the town centre. Jim is coordinator of the Stop Hinkley campaign ( The nuclear power station at Hinkley Point (near Bristol) is one being considered by the government for expansion. The purpose of the stall was to inform shoppers of the issues covering nuclear power and to collect signatures for Million Against Nuclear.

Jim made submissions to the infamous 'energy review ' and has written articles for The Guardian newspaper on the dangers of nuclear power ( He advised Croydonians that the government's committee that recommended deep geological disposal as the UK's method for dealing with nuclear waste, did so knowing that it would break UK and European laws!

He also advised locals that stainless steel containing early nuclear waste at Harwell, has almost completely disintegrated after just 45 years.

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