Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Rhinocycle goes to Critical Mass by Andy Lindsay

September's Critical Mass wasn't as big as August's - around 450 riders as opposed to nearly 800 last month and sadly there was no hypnotic 'jungle' music to bop to, but none of that seemed to matter because we were riding the RHINOCYCLE!

We were one person short - she actually seats four - but dedicated and determined fellow cyclists, Mike Armstrong and Jeremy Rickard helped power Bridget the Rhinocycle from her base in Coulsdon to Waterloo Bridge in record time.

After a heavy downpour passing through Croydon the weather turned warm and humid for the rest of the evening and we soaked up loads of positive support from bystanders all the way. Bridget stole the show and as we passed swarms of tourists along RegentStreet, Oxford Street and Oxford Circus she not only pushed the message of the need for Green Alternative Transport but also got people thinking about Conservation of Endangered Species and threatened environments.

Around 8.30 pm we peeled off from the main bunch as they headed northalong Park Lane but we still had a long journey home and were getting quite tired. All in all it was a very positive and successful outing. I would recommend joining Critical Mass (last Friday of every month) to anyone for the sheer buzz and thrill of zooming through all those red lights surrounded by like-minded pushbiking mates. It really is the best way to see London! Thanks again to Mike and Jeremy for a tremendous effort.

Andy Lindsay Director: Rhinocycle2007

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