Monday, October 16, 2006

Croydon Green visits European Parliament

Press Release – Shasha Khan visits Brussels

Shasha Khan visited Brussels last week in order to meet with London’s Green MEP, Jean Lambert.

After their meeting, Shasha Khan commented, “Despite being based in Brussels and Strasbourg, Jean has been at the fore in defending the rights of the people of Croydon.”

Amongst the issues that she has recently been active on are: air quality, older people and household chemicals.

With regard to air quality, she opposed an European Parliament report which sought to water down EU air quality standards. There are over 350,000 premature deaths from air pollution across the EU every year. The revised Air Quality Directive means that people of California, for example, enjoy pollution limits twice as strict, as those that are in Croydon.

On the issue of Older People, Jean has been instrumental in facilitating dialogue between policy makers and European non governmental organisations representing older people. She has called for a higher state pension and an end to pensioners’ poverty. Last month she hosted the London Mayor's reception in Brussels to launch his Strategy for Older People.

And on household chemicals, The REACH directive – which stands for the Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals – was adopted last week with MEP’s agreeing with the Green group. Essentially, the directive gives customers access to information about the ingredients of household products. It ensures that the most toxic cancer-causing and gender-bending chemicals on the planet must be replaced with safer alternatives, and that safety tests involving animal experiments should be scrapped.

Shasha Khan continued, “Electing Greens at all levels of government is the only way to protect the health, welfare and rights of the people of Croydon"



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