Friday, May 16, 2014

We get £25, they get £250,000

We've recently started delivering our latest Croham ward flyer which is an A6 long card in the shape of a cheque. One side is a cheque made payable to the Croham Conservative Councillors. It's made out for £250,000. To offer some  context, the Tory council gave residents a £25 rebate over the four year term, yet the the councillors in Croham received £250,000 in allowances. In actual fact the three Croham councillors actually pocketed £260,778 over just three years, based on figures available on the council web site. Croydon Green Party have calculated the three Tories will get an astonishing £348,000 over the full four year term. 

We mustn't forget this Tory council axed 10 lollipop ladies and men saving a mere £60,000. Greens believe that councillors should lead by example, and if cuts are to be made, councillors should start by cutting their own allowances.

Whilst leafleting in Croham I have passed the flyer to people I meet on the street. I have found residents to be genuinely quite amazed at the money their local councillors are paid.
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Please follow the link and read the facts;

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