Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Message from Bernice our election agent

I had a surprise visit from a man this morning who wanted to find out whether voting Green would be a wasted vote as a Labour man in a rosette (amongst other people) had told him it was. He wanted to vote with his conscience, but was concerned.

I explained about proportional representation in the Euros, which surprised him,  and we had a pleasant chat about how if everyone voted the way they wanted rather than out of fear of the "other lot" we would be better off and he went away happy, better informed (and with a few mini manifestos) saying he would vote Green all the way.

When I asked him if he lived locally, it turns out he lives near Duppas Hill and had walked over here having seen my address in Ashburton  on the back of the anti- fracking post card. Just shows how necessary the imprint is! Luckily I was in, busily composing and sending out emails re the count. 

That's one vote in the bag, now for the rest...

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