Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Green Party Caroline Lucas MP comes to Croydon!

Picture by Ross Hemingway
Earlier this week the most famous anti-fracking protester, possibly in the world, Green Party MP Caroline Lucas, came to Croydon. I think it might have been her first visit to our fair borough - at least in my time as a member. It was a joint visit with Green Party MEP for London, Jean Lambert. Jean was touring a couple of boroughs in South London with list candidates in the European Elections.

It was decided that the focus of the visit would be fracking. To this end, I ordered a banner from Brown Signs on Whitehorse Road in Croydon. Toni Brown was very helpful in working out what dimensions and wording would work best, all for an excellent price.

The press release to the photo opp is here.

Unsurprisingly there was a fantastic turnout from our local members and candidates, especially as it was 1pm on a Monday. Three local papers came to take photos and interview Caroline. Gordon Ross and I organised the photo opp - which went to plan (including the weather), except, I still haven't come across a photo that ticks all the boxes. Caroline was so professional. She maintained her wonderful smile for the cameras long after we had all lost interest! I have posted about this on our Facebook page, with an example.

In Park Hill, Croydon

Our Lewisham colleague Dave Plummer took a really good picture (above) but it is a bit fuzzy around the edges.

It was great boost to us all to welcome Caroline to Croydon, especially as many of us activists are starting to feel the pace. Afterwards we joked that we should send our Action Day emails to the membership hinting that Caroline Lucas would be in attendance. We could leaflet whole wards in a matter of hours!

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