Monday, September 09, 2013

Labour's duplicitous position in print

From Croydon Advertiser - Fri 30th Aug 2013

This article is as a result of the following press release. The leader of Croydon Labour again maintains the pathetic defence of me accusing Labour of scaremongering. For the record, scaremongering was precisely what they did in the Waddon by-election. I wrote about it back in 2009.

Newman knows that he is free to continue his and Croydon Labour's duplicity on the issue of the incinerator. This is because, I imagine, about 1 in 10,000 Labour voters know of the unforgivable lack of integrity behind Labour's campaign activity. In fact, Newman could have come clean and said that they had indeed been politicking, and now having realised the error of their ways, and the importance of the issue, they will stop cheating their voters. Regrettably an admission of this type would not make any difference to their vote.Why?? Because the rank and file of Labour voters would never find out. 

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