Monday, August 26, 2013

***CKING IN SUTTON at the Carshalton Environmental Fair

Stall - front on - through the suns rays

Stall - side on

Just got a text from our local party treasurer, our stall at today's Environmental Fair raised a record amount of money, and we came home with a record number of names on our mailing list. One wonders if our Green MP Caroline Lucas' brave stand at Balcombe has increased the level of interest in the Green Party. Certainly, the levels of interest were increased once the giant 'FRACKING IN SUTTON' board (seen partly in the first picture) was placed on display. Festival goers were shocked to find out that Northdown Energy Limted has a licence to explore for shale gas in Sutton (see map below). A big thank you to everyone that helped put on such a fantastic stall. Special thanks to Tracey Hague.


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Bob Steel said...

Excellent day all round, helped by great weather. Thanks to Tracey and the other organisers, and all who rolled up their sleeves to help.
PS Was great to see some of the old campaigners at the fair- Des Kay, Vera Elliott, Mark Brett, George and Marion Dodd, Jeremy, a real blast from the eigthies alternative scene in Sutton & Kingston!

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