Monday, September 09, 2013

Fracking in the local news

Page 3 - Croydon Advertiser August 23rd 2013
Online version of above article

Our local party is getting some good coverage in the local press on the issue of fracking. Again we are campaigning on an issue of principle.....just like on the incinerator. Gordon was quoted in Inside Croydon here.

The picture in the above article appears in this video.

Scene at the main camp on Direct Action Day at Balcombe

It was good to see many locals at the camp on the day I went to Balcombe. They stood out! The average protester looked new age/grungy. I sometimes wonder if  HM intelligence services deliberately send undercover officers to ecological protests in extreme hippy-esque garb. Apart from blending in, these officers would add fuel to the, 'benefit scrounging hippies only turn up to this type of protest' argument. The reality is that 'ordinary' people who wouldn't ordinarily support such a campaign are very concerned about fracking.

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