Saturday, August 03, 2013

Solicitors send powerful letter to the Mayor

Up to this man now

It has been a tricky few weeks since it first came to light that a legal challenge was gathering pace. My colleagues in the Stop The Incinerator committee and I have been busy collating information, sometimes through Freedom of Information requests. On Thursday last week a letter was finally sent to the Mayor of London with detailed arguments, demanding Boris block plans to build the incinerator as the application is damaging to the environment and goes against his own planning objectives on waste, energy and climate.

I spent Thursday and Friday contacting the Daily Telegraph and The Times and other media outlets pushing the accompanying media release. I spoke to the reporter at the Daily Telegraph who wrote a piece which is very relevant to us:

Given the site is Metropolitan Open Land - in other words Green Belt - I was hoping he would carry the story. He still might as he knows Boris has 2/3 weeks left to make his decision.

A big thank you to the solicitors at Deighton, Pierce and Glynn for their efforts.

The press release appears on the Deighton, Pierce and Glynn web site:

Campaigners demand Boris blocks plans to build incinerator on country park. 

The actual letter is hyperlinked on the press release. However, if you miss it, here it is:

Coverage in local papers:
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