Thursday, June 27, 2013

Introducing the latest stooge Dr Mark Bloomfield

I got an email from Green Party member Jim Duffy (based in Sutton):

I thought I'd do a search on Dr Mark Bloomfield who was Sutton's (unhelpful) independent Air Quality expert at the planning meeting on 15th May. 
It turns out he works for AEA Technology who use incinerators to burn radwaste! I fought off an attempt by AEA Technology to transport their low level radioactive waste from Abingdon in Oxfordshire and burn it in an incinerator in Avonmouth. AEA was previously known as the Atomic Energy Authority. They are now a more generalised commercial company but my impression is their experts support technologies that greens would often disapprove of. 
Bloomfield represented Trafford Borough Council as their independent advisor on pollution but raised no objections to a successful application for a large (20MW) and controversial biomass plant by the Manchester Ship Canal. See para 51:
I can't think of any action to take over this snippet but thought I'd let you all know in case it's usefull 

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Mark Broomfield said...


I am the Dr Mark Broomfield in question (please don't call me "Bloomfield"!).

To correct a few factual points:
1. There is now no connection between AEA Technology and the Atomic Energy Authority, and hasn't been for many years.

2. I have personally never been involved in any project relating to the disposal of any form of radioactive waste in any way.

3. I did provide advice to Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council about the proposed 20MW biomass plant. However, far from "raising no objections," the Council's environmental protection department raised a number of objections on the basis of our advice which resulted in significant improvements in the proposed scheme.

4. The advice which I gave to London Borough of Sutton, Trafford MBC and other authorities is all based on published and clearly referenced information. I acknowledge uncertainties where they exist. I am happy to discuss/debate these issues where appropriate, and indeed have done throughout my professional working life. In my view, making inaccurate and personal comments and accusations does Croydon Greens no credit, and does not help decision-makers to take decisions based on the best available scientific information.

Mark Broomfield

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