Wednesday, September 26, 2012

GLA observations on the incinerator application

Stop The Incinerator has seen a letter which details areas where Viridor's ERF application does not comply with London Plan.. Its difficult to gauge at what point the GLA regards the application does conform with the London Plan. Unquestionably, Viridor have some hurdles to get over, such as the Metropolitan Open Land designation, and the Site of Metropolitan Importance for Nature Conservation status the area holds. In short, it reads like a 'must try harder' letter

Below are the roughly the areas the letter highlights:

• Waste and energy: More information
• Metropolitan Open Land: Further discussion to justify very special cirumstances

• Biodiversity: Further discussion on the effects on nature.
• Tall buildings and design: Further information and discussion regarding views.

• Sustainable development: Further discussion in areas like climate change adaptation. Those of us that read the application, were surprised at the number of documents relating to flood management.

• Air quality: More detail on how the air will be affected

• Transport: Further analysis around how the roads will cope at the time of construction

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