Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Greens pledge £2000 to the incinerator fund

Cutting from Croydon Advertiser

To be honest, nearly everyone in our local party is amazed that we have pledged £2000 to Stop The Incinerator to fund a legal fight. When Gordon Ross sent an email around to members asking for donations, I was thinking £500 if we were lucky, but we forgot that local members have also been following this stitch up at close quarters over the last four years.

The Stop The Incinerator web site carries a press release detailing our pledge. However, apart from the article in the Advertiser (top), knowledge of our pledge was fairly limited, that is until a newsletter from the Croydon Communists landed on our doormat. They have been leafleting areas in north Croydon.  The newsletter (above) rightly criticises Labour in Merton for supporting the planned incinerator and suggests that Labour's opposition in Croydon is "clearly electioneering". There is also a piece on their local web site by John Eden covering the issue. In it he criticises Labour's focus on Waddon and New Addington, leaving working class people vulnerable to the incinerator in north Croydon.

It is true, Labour in Croydon need to prove that they haven't just jumped on the issue to win votes. They ought to pledge money to the Stop The Incinerator campaign. In the recent GLA elections their candidate Louisa Woodley spent 10 times more than our candidate Gordon Ross on the campaign. They are clearly not short of money.

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