Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Greatest Story Ever Sold

Short film director Vicki Lesley - she showcased her films to our local party last year - is on the hunt for funding! At that time she spoke about her plans to work with Christopher Hird, who has produced some excellent documentaries, including The End Of The Line. I am thrilled to see her plans are coming to fruition.

Her aim is to direct a feature length documentary on nuclear power, and for that she needs the funding. I really hope she gets the numbers she needs because the documentary synopsis sounds fascinating:

The Greatest Story Ever Sold

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Vicki Lesley said...

Just seen this - thanks Shasha! Glad your appetite has been whetted. Raised over $1000 so far which is a cracking start, though still a way to go. Fingers crossed we can reach the target...

Shasha Khan said...

Hope it works out! Maybe you can pop by and see us later this year :-)

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