Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Tenner Films director at the latest meeting

Director Vicki Lesley presented four of her short films at May's Croydon Green Party meeting. Her company Tenner Films produces clever shorts that "explore personal stories and social impacts of the world's most controversial energy source nuclear power." Vicki had received good news on the day of the meeting because her film, 'A Modest Proposal' (above), had just been nominated for an award. As it turned out, the budding film critics within our local party also felt that this was the best film!! In the Q and A afterwards, Vicki explained how complicated and expensive it was to get permission to film beside a nuclear power station. Vicki plans to direct a full length feature documentary on atomic power.

Thanks again Vicki for coming to see us. We thoroughly enjoyed the films and wish you well for your future projects. Don't forget to come and see us when you're nominated in Cannes :-)

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