Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Strong support for 20mph speed limit.

The Croydon Advertiser ran a piece on Jenny Jones' call for a 20mph speed limit across
the borough. I have always found this excellent policy a tricky one to sell to Croydon. 
Let's face it, this isn't Zone 2 Islington, they already have a blanket 20mph speed 
limit, this is outer London. 
There is a nonsensical view, held by a minority, that Greens want to ban cars. Just yesterday, 
someone was uncomfortable about telling me he loved sports cars (If we all had personal 
carbon quotas, I couldn't give a care to how individuals choose to spend their allowance). 
That's why I've always felt that the 20mph policy gives the impression that we're aiming
ultimately for an outright ban on cars!!! It's sounds extraordinary, that is until you speak
to people on the doorstep! 
However, I was pleasantly surprised to read a poll in the Advertiser saying that 60% 
were in favour of the policy in Croydon. 

East London Lines interviewed me on this policy:

Do you have evidence to suggest that these 20mph zones are indeed improving
the quality of road safety for cyclist and pedestrians?
It is unanimously accepted that if one keeps to the 30mph speed limit you are less likely to
kill a pedestrian when involved in a road traffic accident. 20 mph zones increase the
levels of road safety even further. Moreover, we need to encourage cycling as an 
alternative, and a 20mph reduces the fear factor that puts people off cycling. Cycling is
good for the health, good for your pocket and good for the environment. 

Why do you think a 20mph limit on these roads would work better than the
councils other measures such as more police enforcement on the roads?
20mph is part of a mixture of measures to improve road safety. Police enforcement is part 
of the mix.

A poll by the Croydon Advertiser suggests that 60% of Croydon residents
agree with this speed limit, do you think you could do more as a party
such as call for public meetings to consult with residents on the issue?
We live in a society where car is king, and drivers are behind the wheels of motor vehicles that are built do 120mph not 20mph. Living in an outer London borough means we don't have adequate public transport alternatives unlike inner London boroughs, so its really good that the benefits of a 20mph are filtering through to the Croydon public

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