Sunday, October 23, 2011

RIOTS: Council Leader rejects income inequality as a factor

At the recent Full Council meeting, the Leader of the Council's written reply to my question (above) was characteristically missing the point. If he is correct in interpreting what happened on 8/8 was "wanton criminality", then why didn't Sutton or Bromley experience any rioting? Unlike our outer London neighbours, Croydon has socially deprived ghettos a few miles from pockets known as 'Millionaires Row'. Is this a pre-disposing factor? Yes or no?

This spinning of the events of 8/8 as 'criminality', and not rioting, mirrors what Gavin Barwell MP has recently said on the BBC and Mayor Graham Bass at a recent social event (see Inside Croydon).

My question was:

Given our neighbouring outer London boroughs, Sutton and Bromley, experienced barely any unrest, to what extent is income inequality (note: not poverty) within our borough a predisposing factor when considering what caused the riots on 8/8?


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